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Fusion Marine Systems

Well-executed technology can transform a superyacht experience into something truly memorable.

The Fusion Marine Systems team has spent the past decades perfecting the art of technology system design, specification and installation to ensure you benefit from our experience and passion.

Whether it is the very best cutting-edge system for a new build project, refit or through lifetime upgrades and servicing work, Fusion Marine Systems has an in-house team of experts covering the full range of technology fields - from electronic and broadcast engineers to former yacht ETOs, project managers and captains.

What we do


The key objective of every Fusion Marine system is to harness control of the technology within a yacht and hand it back to the user via intuitive, elegant and reliable interfaces.

Central to this concept is Fusion Air, an in-house open standard application that consolidates all of our systems into one seamless interface in any language or dialect.

Audio Visual/Entertainment
Cinemas and Immersive Media Rooms
Curtains & Blinds
Climate Control

Fusion Air

50,000 hours of development has been invested in Fusion Air to ensure that you can reliably and effortlessly operate your audio, video, communications, lighting, window treatments, climate, ancillary devices and security from your iOS and Android devices or customised touch panels. It is 'open standard' software meaning it is written for openly available platforms such as Crestron.

We believe our clients should have access to the elements of the controlling software specifically written for that project – so you are no longer tied to one provider; we support open and fair competition. Fusion Air can be customised to your specifications and uniquely present and switch the text to any pre-loaded language or dialect. Everything is under control and under your control.

Our markets


It is crucial that your expectations and your yacht’s unique demands are considered, putting your clients or owner’s desires first. We translate your tastes and needs into technological requirements; define the features of your system to match the characteristics of your expectations and budget. Our directors, system designers and team of engineers have amassed real-world AV, IT and communications experience in yachting; we understand the fast pace of yachting and high standards of yacht owners. FMS prioritises putting solutions in motion, whether for a complex system installation or resolving network problems or minor hardware upgrades – we are the New Wave in Entertainment Systems.

Refit and maintenance periods

Prior to a refit or maintenance period, we can provide technology surveys, offering straight advice and direct facts on the best upgrade solutions. We can work on the most challenging yacht refit projects in the world. FMS will undertake your AV, IT, communications and security requirements and upgrade your systems in a fast and efficient manner.

We will work around your maintenance schedule.

New Builds

We are adept at working closely with the designers, shipyard, other contractors and owner’s team to ensure clear channels of communication and quality requirements on a build project. We will keep you regularly updated with plans; intentions and status reports to ensure a there are no shocks or surprises during a project.

Once the build is complete we will continue to support the yacht throughout it’s life. FMS are proud of building long-term relationships.

Support Services

Sometimes a quick fix is all that is required. We have technically advanced automated and remote support services. This allows us, with your permission, to find and fix many of your on board problems, even while your crew rests. We can proactively service your systems to avoid failures and provide service reports.

If a solution cannot be found remotely, our engineers will come to your yacht, achieving brief down times, no matter where your yacht is located.

Who we are


Trust, Loyalty and Integrity - Fusion Marine Systems.

There are few straightforward, reliable, product-based technology and entertainment solutions companies in the yachting world - systems continue to be installed in yachts that do not work or satisfy the client’s needs.

Fusion Marine Systems is the solution.


Fusion Marine Systems is conveniently based in the yachting epicentre of Monaco, at the iconic Tour Odéon.

Our team of experts carry out installations all over the world.

Get in touch if you would like to arrange a meeting so we can show you how our systems help you get the most out of your yacht and your life, transforming your superyacht experience into something truly memorable.


The senior management team at Fusion Marine Systems consists of Piers Collinson, Will Faimatea and Paul Cook.

Will met Piers and his Fusion Automation company during their highly regarded technology integration works in Monaco’s flagship Tour Odéon building. Paul was then brought on board as the final piece of the jigsaw to act as CEO and using their collective experience develop FMS into a leading technology integrator.

With many decades of experience behind them Piers, Will and Paul fundamentally believe their unique open approach built on past and present relationships plus the core trust, loyalty and integrity makes Fusion Marine Systems stand out from the crowd. We have strong alliance with our suppliers to ensure you enjoy the best prices and service. Adding into the mix the groundbreaking Fusion Air App that fills a distinct gap in the AVIT market and will become the application of choice in the yachting world.


It is crucial for FMS that we do our part to improve the world’s oceans and the whole planet.

At FMS sustainability and supporting the blue oceans is part of everything we do. We are always looking for ways to reduce our company’s environmental impact because it needs to be done and it’s the right thing to do for all of us to play their part in protecting the planet. It is not just about turning off our offices lights at the end of the day. Whenever possible we will maximise the reusing onboard of serviceable equipment in a yacht refit or system upgrade. We look to recycle the equipment removed and packaging as part of each project but we also look to use the most resource efficient materials.

Fusion Marine Systems Involvement Program encourages our directors and employees to participate in local community-focused causes. This program backs the voluntary spirit of our employees with funding support from FMS. In this way, we’re making the difference in the communities where we live and work.

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Be part of the best team - what role could you play?

FMS takes great pride in creating ethical, safe and healthy environment where all employees can learn, grow, and thrive, both personally and professionally. We work very hard but have fun. If you believe you have the right skills and team approach and wish to be part of our dynamic team, we’re always searching for those looking for a career shaping the future of yacht technology.

In particular we are interested to find:

- a dynamic Senior Sales Engineer
- AV Engineers
- an Accounts Bookkeeper (Monaco)

Are you interested in helping to reshape the superyacht  technology landscape?  Sounds appealing? Then come and join us!

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